Rahyab Sanat Alborz CO

Rahyab Sanat Alborz  CO  Ltd. has been established in the first of April 2009 with registration number of 321627 in Tehran - Iran ,
as a designer & as an executer of all kinds of Geosynthetic products specially in Constructing & Designing of soil reinforced retaining walls , Deep Foundation & also water proofing of agricultural pools .

Activities Rahyab Sanat Alborz CO

Therefore the main activity of Rahyab Sanat Alborz is based on Designing , Procurement & Constructing of Geosynthetic products & Deep Foundation , Accordingly we became representative of Italian Maccaferri in 2010,

Technical knowledge Rahyab Sanat Alborz

This company has so far accomplished many projects in slope stabilization,ground improvement,etc., due to utilizing high technical knowledge, sophisticated machinaries and competent execution team

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