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The Terramesh System is the most detailed and complete reinforced soil system present on the market, with the possibility of using either just the double twist wire mesh reinforcement or of combining it with facing elements of high-strength polyester geogrids (mainly of the Paralink type) in the case of very high works which are subject to large loads.

The numerous possibilities for construction of the outer face enables the best choices to be made in every situation both from a technical-environmental point of view and in consideration of the architectural requirements.

Maccaferri's guarantee of reliability is based on the experience acquired during the implementation of thousand of projects throughout the world and the possibility of using specific design tools (MACSTARS design software).

For the selection of the most suitable solution for every need, the fundamental aspects for the correct design of reinforced soil walls with the Terramesh System or with geomeshes are carefully considered: in order to carry out a structural analysis of reinforced soil structures with the Terramesh® system, the MACSTARS W software enables checks to be carried out on a large number of load conditions and geometries of the soil in accordance with the most typical and frequent situations which occur in slope stability analyses.

The products of the Terramesh® system are certified, just like all the Maccaferri double twist mesh products, in accordance with the “Guidelines to draw up specifications for the use of double twist wire netting” issued by the National Public Works Council - Central Technical Service (Certified Product No. 226/001).