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Anchor bars


Maccaferri offers different types of anchors both for open air use (consolidation of rock slopes, soil nailing and quarries) and underground use (mines, tunnels).
The bars offered are: 950/1150 MPa hardened and tempered hollow steel bars with continuous threads, which are the best for ¿self-drilling¿ uses; 500/550 MPa solid steel bars with continuous threads (optimum for the consolidation of single rock masses and surface consolidation) and 950/1100 MPa steel bars (typical for mainly tensile stresses).

Bars are also available for underground use (but often on open air slopes) with expandable metal sheaths for the formation of fast anchors of a temporary nature, and there are also different types of fibreglass bars.

When requested, all the bars are provided with specific accessories, such as plates, nuts, junction sleeves, drilling heads. Maccaferri also provides special accessories,
which are the result of specific collaborations with designers and contractors, that add value to the consolidation works: clamping heads for the pre-tensioning of the
bars, grouting sleeves to overcome the problems of grouting in hollow rock masses and high permeability soils.